Important Features of the Commerce8 E-Commerce Software

  • Multiple Ship-to Addresses: As many ‘ship-to’ addresses as needed by customer. This allows a customer to purchase multiple items and ship them to different addresses. Ideal for sites that sells gifts as customer can order items for multiple locations in one order.

  • Multiple Shipping Options: Offer ground, 2nd Day, or Next Day Air. Owner of the site gets complete control via admin section on pricing these shipping options. Can even remove any option like Next Day Air.

  • Gift Certificate: Customer can buy gift certificate and give them as gift to their loved ones. Commerce8 will not calculate shipping and taxes on it. Commerce8 keeps track of how much money has been used of a gift certificate.

  • Sales Coupons: Site owner can draw more traffic to their site by emailing or mailing sales coupons. Commerce8 can create Sales Coupon for $-Off, %-Off on certain products or categories, Free Shipping.

  • Order History: Customers of any online site using Commerce8 can track their order history. The history is only available to those who have created an account with the site. Those who order products without an account will not be able to access their order history.

  • Related Products: This feature allows client to assign related products to a product as part of product management functionality in the software.

  • Product Categories (On Admin Section): Create any number of categories and sub-categories that a site may need. This allows the site owner to add new categories and assign products to it using the admin section, giving them control on the day to day site management.

  • Product Attributes (On Admin Section): Often products need extra attributes beside the standard price, product code, and product description. Using this feature site owner can add any type of extra attributes and assign it/them to one or more then one product.

  • Attribute Templates ( On Admin Section): If a product-attributes need to be used again and again with other products then it can be saved as a template and just applied to as many products as needed.
    As listed above, “Flex” is an example of Attribute Template.

  • Phone Orders (On Admin Section): Commerce8 also allows its customers to use the software to take phone orders. Therefore, brick-n-mortar stores can use this module to access the same information which someone over the phone is viewing online.
    The Module allows order clerk to search by customer’s phone, email, or address to assign the order to an existing order, if available.

  • Vendor Orders (On Admin Section): This functionality allows client to split one order into sub-orders by creating groups of sub-orders, one for each vendor. This helps them to manage orders that they place with vendors for drop shipment. Once all constituent Vendor Orders are taken care of, client can mark that order as ‘complete’.

  • Fax-IT (On Admin Section): This module allows the client to group and fax Vendor Orders to any vendor. System keeps track of Vendors and their fax # so client does not have maintain this information for each fax.
    This solution requires a separate server with a dedicated phone line.

  • Testimonial Module (On Admin Section): Site owner can use this module to control the content that is submitted by customers via “Testimonials” section. This eliminates the problem of Spam and offensive language.

  • Staff (On Admin Section): Site owner can use this module to allow staff members to access the admin section of the site. This module give complete control to site owner to disable any staff account any time it want and allow access to certain modules only.

  • Staff Hours (On Admin Section): System can be used to monitor the time spend by staff online using this system.

  • Notes (On Admin Section): Commerce8 allows admin staff to send notes to each other. This helps when either staff members are at different locations, like someone working from home on adding new products and site owner wants to ensure that they get his suggestions.


Other Available features - Call for details

Multiple catalogs - Stores Gateway to CC authorization Variation configuration of products
Assign products to multiple catalogs Rate setup (shipping methods, tax calculation, payment methods) Product reviews by customer
Assign products to multiple categories Customer management Link to product reviews
Email to a friend Customer search Integration with Froogle,,
Wish list Inventory management Yahoo!, MSN etc.. (SEE
Order history Cross sell up sell  
Order tracking Product variations  
Printable order